For the categories of providers listed below, the network will include Mercy Health Alliance providers, which can be found on this website, plus additional providers which can be found here.

Durable Medical Equipment (DME)
Hearing Aid Dispensary
Maxillo-Facial Surgeons
Skilled Nursing Facilities
*Beginning in 2018, the chiropractic network will be provided exclusively through Mercy and its partners.

LAB: For lab services, members can use the Mercy Health Alliance providers or Quest.

The following administrators will provide networks and customer service. Click here to find additional providers and resources for:

  • Prescription drug coverage: Express Scripts
  • Vision Coverage: Davis Vision
  • Mental health/substance use disorders: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois (BCBSIL) effective 1/1/18
  • Employee Assistance Program: Beacon Health Options

This directory lists Missouri Custom Tier One providers only. 

Providers marked as First Health providers are considered Tier One, but are accessed through the First Health network.  Tier Two providers can be found at

Some providers may practice at multiple locations.  Only the locations listed are considered in Tier One.

If a provider is listed in both the Missouri Custom directory and the First Health Directory, they participate in Missouri Custom Tier One.   

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